golden soul/s
Anonymous asked: what are you studying? (:

i’m studying japanology, golden dear *smile* i’ve actually just ended my third year and had my bachelor’s defense. now i try to enjoy summer to the fullest and prepare mentally for the next year (: 

Anonymous asked: what are your summer plans?

first of all, i’m terribly sorry that i didn’t reply earlier, golden dear. i didn’t get any notification i received it and then it got lost in ohter messages…it was so lovely of you to ask and actually be interested in my summer plans and i neglected you so… once again, i’m truly sorry. 

i don’t really have specific summer plans, to tell you the truth. i just really really don’t want to waste this time on midnless surfing on the internet. i’m determined not to! *smile* i have a pile of books that i yearned to read for such a long time… oh and letters i need to write, games i want to play, embroidery ideas i have in mind, long walks that i cannot wait to take… oh but apart from that i am going to Japan for a whole month on a home stay project in September. It makes me extremly excited (as much as anxious right now though) it will be my first time there! I’m also going back to Warsaw for a few days to meet the women that will take care of me during my stay in Japan and show her around the city etc. 

Apart from all that… I just want to get some rest. I feel like I deserve it after all those exams and stress. how about you, beloved? Any plans? 

"i am not from here. my hair smells of the wind and is full of constellations, and i move about this world with a healthy disbelief.”
"Something in me vibrates to a dusky, dreamy smell of dying moons and shadows.”
— Zelda Fitzgerald 
"But enough poetry! I am in tears; let me cry. It maybe foolishness that everybody would laugh at. But you won’t laugh. Your eyes are shining too. Enough poetry.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky, from The Brothers Karamazov
"It is incredible how essential to me you have become.”
— Vita Sackville-West, from a letter to Virginia Woolf